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Jul 9, 2016

May the blessings be with you. :)

As I am writing this, Safiyyah has already fallen asleep beside me. There is not much pillow talk I could do as I arrived quite late and this room is filled with girls. She got a lot of sisters. Hehe. Well, tomorrow is the day. The day I will witness my best friend's solemnization. I am not sure what I really feel as per this moment. Yeah of course I am sad. Haha. But I am happy for these lovebirds too. Tapi sedih, tapi hepi. Biasalah aku memang mushy orangnya. Lek ahh Mar, kau bukan mak dia pun nak sedih melepaskan anak. But whatever it is, may their marriage will be filled with barakah and happiness. May everything goes well insyaAllah. I love you Safiyyah. And I am happy and lucky to know and closely befriended with you all these while. Thank you for everything akak garang yang gelak pelik2(ekceli adik).. Semoga awak happy jugaaa selamanya.. Heheh.. Selamat menjadi Puan Amir Ariff.

I swear there's a ton of our selfies but I like this one sebab dekat UKM semua pun perangai mcm apa je.. Now both of them dah melangkah ke alam baru.. Mwahlah nanti korang dah ada baby iols kahwin nohh :p hashtagjodohmanajodoh? *insertsillyface*

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