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Jun 27, 2015

The perfect minutes

Well, I need to travel back and forth to KL for work, one thing that I noticed is what I called "the perfect minutes". It doesn't matter whether you are trevelling from the outskirts of KL itself or a neighbouring states, if you hit the perfect minutes, you'll arrive to your office at the perfect timing. Haha. Neither too early nor too late.
Since I sometimes drive, I always did some experiments with the timing I'm off to work. Because traffic jam in KL (or along the way) is always unexpected. It varies depending on days, holidays or this fasting month too. So I need to be aware of the those! >.<

Why do I called it "the perfect minutes anyway"?

Because, well I shall say, this is based from my observations for example during this fasting month (other months hv different outcomes, as well as school holidays), hiks, when I go as early as 5.50-6 a.m, I'll arrive at the office at about 6.35-6.40 a.m, without the need to go through the SMART tunnel and follow the usual route. And hey, I'll get sleepy and bored waiting in the car. Hiks.

Nevertheless, if I start the journey at 6.20 a.m, I would find myself arrived at the office around 7.40 a.m, and I need SMART tunnel to minimize the heavy traffic, yet it is 10 minutes late for me. (I should punch my card by 7.30 a.m).

And, if I go at 6.30 a.m, well i shall find myself arrived at 8.30-8.40 a.m (well, SMART tunnel made no difference for the traffic). Sigh.

Haha, can you see now how minutes made a huge difference? If you missed it one minute, brace yourself, you gonna find yourself got wary stucked in the congestion already.
So, what I could conclude is, when I drive in this Ramadhan, my perfect minutes to off to work is round 6.10-6.15 a.m. Haha. Just prepare a good song playlist, and enjoy your drive. Well at least that's how it works for me. Hiks :)
So, no matter where you stay and work, you just need to be aware and observe the trend. :D

Different areas may hugely varies. Hiks

p/s: When it comes to public transportation, you need to be smart and alert too, merely on where and when. It may takes some times to get used to it. For public transport, Mai is the master! Choo choo~ HAHA

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