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Nov 15, 2015

It's been a while, hye

"Sepasang sayap tak terlihat

Umpama mimpi yang tersimpan
Jadi rintik-rintik hujan

Menciptakan awan yang terpilu"


Last year, I've never thought of being in what I am right now.
I've never thought that I'll be losing what I've never wished to lose.
Things changed, things happened.
Anger, depressions, sadness, disappointment come and go.
In one year, there are so much things could happened.
Things that you never thought of before.
Life changing one.
And it is not impossible that in another year,
there'll be things that I never thought I would counter, or lose
will as well happened.
Allah knows best.
And with every difficulties that He put me through, He won't let me alone.
I survived a year.
InsyaAllah I will survive more.

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