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Aug 10, 2015

The Great Migration


Tajuk ecewah sangat kan. Propa je lebih tu.
So I've extracted my own DNA from my freaking blood (muahaha much?) , amplified them and run the SSO typing for HLA-A, HLA-B (Class I MHC) and HLA-DRB1 (Class II MHC). So basically, I already knew my type of HLA, though I could not confirm the true haplotype combinations of which I got from mak and which from ayah unless I run theirs too (or my other siblings perhaps).
So what excites me the most is from the HLA type I could possibly tracked down where I was from. In other words, well, where is my great great ancestors possibly originates. Well, the population data I refer to is only based on the non-migrants, therefore some "rare" allele wasn't included there. I refer from which used the allele population data compiled by Solberg et. al. (2008).

This is just for my amusement only, not necessarily confirmed it is true, but well, it might be possible based on the geographical area where the allele frequency is the highest or appear the most. So, yeah. Hiks. So this is my HLA-ABDR type:

A* 02:11 and  A*34:01
B* 15:21 and B*58:01
DRB1* 03:01 and DRB1* 15:01

** Like I said, I could not certain which combinations represent a haplotype set of which from my mak, and which  from ayah ceqqq.

Note for those three loci, I don't have any homozygous allele so yeay, mak and ayah possibly are not related at all. Haha :P
I only knew I have Minang bloodline from mak and I was told by ayah that his atuk was from Acheh.

So what I can conclude is, for my A allele, the allele frequency is the highest at somewhere in India and Australia. For my HLA-B, the allele frequency appear the most in China and Australia while my DRB1 allele frequency showed the highest at the Scandinavian countries, Norway and Sweden specifically as well as somewhere around Egypt and Morocco like that. HAHA.

So maybe ya maybe tidak ancestors haku dari negara-negara berkenaan kan. Hahaha. Sebab sepertimana kita belajar sirah-sirah Rasulullah s.a.w dan dari textbook sejarah memang manusia ini selalu berhijrah, lalu menetap dan mungkin beradaptasi dengan keadaan geografi bumi serta cuaca. Entahlah.
Yang penting, kalau betul pun, productnya tetap aku, seorang Mardhiyah. Bukan Miranda Kerr (eh, Miranda ker?). Haha. Masih berketinggian 153 cm (je), berat turun naik, bermata coklat gelap, tak sepet sangat, tak bulat sangat, rambut Alhamdulillah masih hitam-perang (mungkin dah muncul sehelai dua wisdom hair yang tersembunyi?) serta berkulit hampir sawo matang. Muahahaha.
And I'm proud to call myself an Asian and Malaysian, walaupun hakikatnya negara ini banyak kontroversi sekarang. Eh?

Sejujurnya, of course lah aku merindui Microbe, nak streak plate and all that, yet never I regret anything in learning and dealing with Immunogenetics right now. And HLA actually might give you some clue regarding possibilities of getting certain diseases. Haha. Like people with B*27:05-07 might possibly prone to develop Ankspond (Ankylosing Spondylitis) in later life, and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) can be proned to people with DRB1 shared epitope as well as other autoimmune diseases. Haha, research also told that people are more likely to choose a potential life partner with HLA sets different from theirs. Oops, so in other way, unconsciously, maybe we could actually smell our potential life partner perhaps? Hiks. Well, might be true though, because in genetics studies, that is actually a natural selection kan?

Immunogenetics are not so bad after all :)

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