the sweetest of smile can only be seen within ones' face who bear a beautiful soul[^^,]

Jun 2, 2015


... Paien,

It's been more than a month now not seeing you. I really, really, really missing you. I knew you were trying your best to cope this for now. I knew it is tough in this very beginning. Just like what you told. But in time, I knew you'll be back, even stronger. Just like our dear colleagues. Like Amy, like Razif, Ainun, Sal and others. You'll be just like them. The survivors. The beautiful people to me.


You shall be strong. You wanted us to only see you when you have recovered right? Then I wished you a speedy recovery dear friend. I have a lot to tell. I seriously am. And I am missing every moment of joy and tears with you. Those immature jokes, and late night pillow talks. I hope you feel ease there, in the comfort of your family. And I do believe, Allah is taking care of you there, in every waking moments.


I hope your treatments goes well. We do miss you here. Get well soon, dear. :')

p/s: you know, why I always spell your name p-a-i-e-n? even you said it's weird? because p-a-i-n doesn't sounds right to me. never were.

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